Dark Art Actions

Dark Art – Actions Pack


$29 incl. VAT

The package includes 30 nondestructive looks. You can use them as actions in Photoshop or integrate them into the Color Effects CC panel. NEW: We’ve added LUTs for integration in Affinity Photo, Premiere Pro and other programs.

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Dark Art #17

Thanks to the processing of green tones, this look is suitable for forests.

©Jamari Lior

Dark Art Action 17 BeforeDark Art Action 17 After
Dark Art Action 29 BeforeDark Art Action 29 After

Dark Art #29

16 adjustment layers save skin tones & change every nuance in your picture.

©Jamari Lior

Dark Art #11

Images with a wide range of colors are processed perfectly.

©Jamari Lior

Dark Art Action 2/11 BeforeDark Art Action 11 After
Dark Art Action 2/11 BeforeDark Art Action 2 After

Dark Art #02

Same picture. Different look. Completely unique mood.

©Jamari Lior

Photoshop Aktionen ReiterColor Effects CC Panel Dark Art

Work more effectively with Color Effects CC

The 30 looks of the Dark Art actions pack can be integrated into the Color Effects CC Panel within seconds. This saves time, boosts creativity and makes Photoshops unclear “Actions” tab superfluous.


The Color Effects CC panel shows thumbnails of the desired actions directly from the opened image. It is therefore not necessary to play every action in the Photoshop tab "Actions" and wait for the result. This saves time and gives an overview of the best possible look.


Frequently used looks can be favored for quick access. An integrated search also speeds up the search for individual actions.

Product Reviews

Olaf GiermannDigital Artist, DOCMA – Magazin für Bildbearbeitung

“There are no filters. No U-Points. The panel is based on Photoshop settings. For me this is perfect: If you know a bit about Photoshop, you can simply adjust EVERY individual aspect.”

Jamari LiorPhotographer, jamari-lior.com

“If you are in a hurry: This panel offers a great one-click solution. If you have time: expandable layer groups allow individual finetuning. A fantastic tool!”

Ulrike BurrmannPhotographer, rekii-fotografie.de

“I would recommend the panel to anyone who is working with looks. Even if the handling is different, Color Effects CC is the best replacement of the NIK Collection, which I had so far.”

Sonja SaurPhotographer, sonja-saur-photography.de

“The Dark Art Pack by Color Effects CC is great. In pictures where you are still unsure color technically, it serves as a great inspiration and assistance. Thanks to complete control of all layers you can never get enough of the looks.”

Marco BorchardtDigital Artist, kartoffelpfluecker.de

“I liked the first version about Color Effects CC very much. Since the update, my expectations have been exceeded. The real preview of my opened image with all of the looks is a big timesaver. This panel is awesome! THANK YOU!”

Mike LehnDigital Artist, Big M Pictures

“Thanks to Color Effects CC, my workflow has become much faster and the looks offer endless possibilities. There is something for everyone. Actually I only use Photoshop and Color Effects CC for all of my pictures.”

Johannes DudekPhotographer, foto-xtraqueer.de

“With Color Effects CC I edit my pictures much faster and thanks to the individual customization possibilities I always find the perfect look. The panel has not changed my image processing, but simplified.”

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