For whom is Color Effects CC designed?

The Color Effects CC Panel is aimed at anyone using Photoshop, for whom image editing plays a big role in their everyday life. That’s why it’s ideal for photographers, retouchers and image editors; however, through the implementation of additional actions, it can also be an effective tool for other occupations. The panel has been designed for beginners and professionals alike. Due to its simple user interface, they can now get precise image results within a very short time and integrate their own actions visually into the panel.

In addition to more than 120 supplied image looks, the panel also replaces the confusing Photoshop tab “Actions”. By having its own sorting system and adding thumbnails, it saves time and money when it comes to applicating commonly used actions.

Which Photoshop versions and operating systems are supported?

The Color Effects CC panel runs on OS X and Windows operating systems, on which Photoshop CC 2015.5.2 and Photoshop CC 2017 or higher are operable.
Photoshop CC, CS6 or older versions of Photoshop are not supported!

On how many systems can I use one license?

You can install the panel on all your computers (OS X and Windows) and use it on multiple devices simultaneously. The important thing is that the panel may only be used by one person (single license). It is therefore intended for the person who bought the panel (or for whom the panel was bought). If other people use the panel, additional licenses have to be purchased.

How to use

How do I install the panel?

After downloading and unzipping the .zip archive you have two options for installation:

1. Automatic Installation in Photoshop

Open Photoshop and navigate through the menu:
  • File -> Scripts -> Browse…
Open “Installer.jsx” in your unzipped folder and follow the instructions in Photoshop. Quit and restart Photoshop. Now you can find the Color Effects CC 2 panel under “Window” -> “Extensions”.

2. Manual Installation

After opening the unzipped folder you will find the folder “Manual Installation”. Please open it and copy the folder “Color Effects CC 2” in thit directory:


  • C:\User\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CEP\extensions


  • ~/User/<username>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/

Quit and restart Photoshop. Now you can find the Color Effects CC 2 panel under “Window” -> “Extensions”.


If there is no “AppData” folder probably Windows will hide it. You can show hiding system folders if you follow this path:
“Control Panel” -> “Folder Options” -> Tab “View” -> “Advanced settings” -> “Hidden files and folders” -> “Show hidden files and folders”
If there is no “CEP” or “extensions” folder, please create it by yourself (Right click -> New Folder).

How do I add additional actions?

Integrate Adobe Action Files (.atn)

In this Video we will show you how you can integrate own actions into the Color Effects CC panel.

Can only color looks be integrated into the panel?

Color Effects CC was originally designed as a panel for color looks, in order to create non-destructive image looks with the help of adjustment layers via actions.

However, adding, editing and deleting all actions makes it possible to use the panel for other areas of application. By integrating various actions, it’s possible to partially or completely forgo color looks.

Examples of other actions could include:

  • Resizing of pictures
  • Applying lens flares and light leaks
  • Extrusion of text and graphics
  • Creating frames
  • Application of text effects
  • Generating stamps or polaroids
  • Removing background colors
  • Creating shadows
  • Creating fire and other effects along a mask
  • etc.

How do I get updates?

Once updates are available, you will receive the corresponding information via email. Further information will be posted on in due course. No updates are planned at the moment. If smaller functions of the panel are to be extended, they will be released as a free update. Large updates, that significantly extend the functionality, may have to be paid for.

12.01.2017: We released Color Effects CC 2 and gifted it to all buyers of the first version.


I need an invoice of my purchase

You will automatically receive an invoice via email after purchasing the panel. Should this not be the case, please contact us at: contact[at]

Why is my invoice from FastSpring?

FastSpring provides an all-in-one cloud-based e-commerce and fulfillment solutions which is officially supported by Adobe Exchange. The purchase, payment process and download of Color Effects CC are handled by FastSpring. More about FastSpring:

Will there be discounts (for example for students, etc.)?

There are currently no plans for discounts for certain groups.


Who is behind Color Effects CC?

The Color Effects CC Photoshop panel was made with ♥ in Germany by Stephan Göricke and implemented with the help of international partners. A special thanks to Andrey Razoomovsky of for providing the following portraits for information purposes on and Thomas Zagler of for developing Color Effects CC 2 pixel perfect. A big thank you also goes to Vincent Fallow for helping with translations. Credits© Andrey Razoomovsky –

Further questions?

Please contact us at contact[at]